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Picture books in the Secondary Classroom


Picture books can be a vital part of the curriculum in English, offering a wide spectrum of literary engagements for teachers to harness for student enjoyment and constructive learning experiences. Picture books provide teachers with a range of opportunities to explore visual literacy with students. This point is reinforced by Anstey and Bull who state that “picture books are a great place to commence the study of still images” as they “are familiar, accessible and high quality”. With the explosion of multimedia and digital technologies, developing visually literacy should be a priority to enable students to understand and interpret a range of multimodal texts vital for study and lifelong learning.


Picture books as a visual feast


My experience of picture books has a long history. From my earliest childhood memories, I can dredge images of sitting with a book, snuggled down to be read to, and I can add to that a kaliedescope of visual experiences which continue to this day. One of the main reasons that I still experience that joyous feeling when I pick up a new book is the wonderful way a successful one builds a tertiary meaning through the way text and image meet.